Copper Plating Process

Your Partner in Metal Finishing Processes and Machinery

Copper provides a smooth and even coverage which therefore provides an excellent base for additional coating or plating processes. Corrosion resistance is another advantage to copper. Although copper is not as effective at resisting corrosion as nickel and so is commonly used as a base layer for nickel if enhanced corrosion protection is needed. Copper has anti-bacterial properties and so is used in some medical applications

Excellent brightness and mirror finish. CUACID-800 is ideal for areas that require very high leveling with an excellent brightness throwing power, insensitive to pores and does not cause burns in HCD areas. Dye-based decorative acid copper with ultra-high leveling, excellent low current density brightness. Perfect for complex shapes and deeply recessed parts. The right systems for plating on plastics such as ABS and PC/ABS and metal where high leveling is required.

Product Features

  • CuAcid 800 produces highly effective, resistant, high gloss electroplating additives for copper electroplating applications.
  • Well balanced, long lasting, concentrated specialty chemicals to make your plating shop easy to handle and your products look better.

Cyanide copper plating is used as an intermediate layer and is widely used on mild steel, lead and pewter metal.

Product Features

  • Approved, universally applicable system

  • Optically appealing, uniform layers 
  • Absolutely appropriate for following process steps