Electrophoretic Lacquer

Your Partner in Metal Finishing Processes and Machinery

With a reputation for innovation and quality spanning more than five decades, IEL continues to be a pioneer in the decorative cathodic electrodeposition lacquer industry through the development of 120 C curable electrophoretic lacquer that can effectively protect and gives decorative finish your products.

Available Range:

  • High solids polyureathane cathodic lacquers
  • High solids modified acrylic cathodic lacquers
  • Bulk electrocoating systems for protection of fasteners
  • UV curable electrophoretic lacquers for plastic applications
  • Bulk electrocoating systems for protection of fasteners

IEL formulates innovative cathodic electrophoretic coating processes for producing a clear or colored protective finish on solid brass, zinc die castings, steel, silver and most electroplated substrates. Ease of use and reproducible application performances gives a big advantage to the user.