Post Treatments

Your Partner in Metal Finishing Processes and Machinery

IEL is formulating a wide range of electroplating chemicals for use of general metal plating industry. We produce a wide portfolio of chemicals for functional & decorative finishes which meets or exceeds the demands of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

We Offers

  • Full range of trivalent/hexavalent passivations
  • Sealers & topcoats
  • Colored topcoats for special applications


Our line of Passivations can provide a corrosion resistant layer that is clear, blue, yellow, black or iridescent. Superior wear resistance, friction reduction, corrosion protection for functional and decorative plating applications. Specially formulated sealers & topcoats to enhance the Life of product.

  • ATA-04-transparent lacquaer for preservation of base metal-room temperature
  • ATA-05 blue lacquer for preservation of base metal-room temperature