Zinc Plating Process

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Full range of acid zinc, cyanide zinc, zinc alloys plating, passivates and sealers are available. Our plating processes and post treatments for corrosion protection are used to meet the most demanding requirements. We offer zinc electroplating processes that plate bright zinc deposits that readily accept hexavalent chromates or trivalent passivations.

IEL provides Potassium Based Acid Chloride Zinc Electroplating Process

Product Features

  • BN-2200 is an economical brightener process for depositing mirror bright, levelled, ductile zinc deposits in acid chloride zinc plating electrolytes.
  • Operates at higher temperatures than competitive systems.
  • Deposits readily accept blue-bright and yellow chromate dips.
  • Additives have excellent bath solubility compared to competitive systems.
  • Baths contain no ammonium salts, completely eliminating wastewater problems.
  • High-efficiency zinc bath for rack and barrel applications
  • Uniform brightness even on large-scaled parts
  • Constantly high cloud point due to usage of state-of-the-art wetting agents
  • Low consumptions of additives 

  • Excellent brightness throwing power

Most economical and widely used technique for protecting the base metal especially for bulk material. Maximum covering ability makes this plating favorable in the parts where recesses are difficult to be plated.

Product Features

  • Most concentrated cyanide zinc brightener ever made by IEL
  • V-0371 is formulated to produce brilliant deposits at low, medium, and high current densities for both, barrel and rack operations .
  • V-0371 has a excellent throwing and covering power and also plated parts can easily be chromated.
  • Due to the variable metal and cyanide content of the solution, it may be used over a wide range of operating conditions.
  • V-0371 can tolerate higher working temperatures than competitive products.

An alkaline system is far less costly than acid-based systems. Acquisition and maintenance of equipment are also more economically favorable for an alkaline cyanide-free zinc system. Cyanide-free zinc process for electroplating can be used for rack as well as barrel applications.

Product Features

  • Contains EDTA.
  • The electrolyte deposits mirror-bright layers over a wide current density range and provides excellent brightness throwing power.
  • It is very resistant to high temperatures and ensures excellent metal dispersion.
  • Zinc layers deposited with this process can be easily chromated and passivated.
  • It is characterized by its very high current efficiency and deposition rate.
  • The deposited layers have outstanding ductility and adhesion also during continuous operation.